If you visit our hunts page you will learn a little about each hunt. We ask for a $1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. We ask for this to protect you and us. In case someone decides to cancel days before the hunt, where we turned others down for that spot, as well as covering part of the basic fees and wages.


For all of our hunts you will be staying in facilities with power, water, and beds. You will have home cooked meals mostly made by Rosa Dotson or her mother, Alana Smith. Both who have years of experience. You will be guided by Joey Dotson, and others from time to time.


Sometimes the weather isn't on our side, and we have no control over fires, snow, rain, or sickness, but we will try and make every moment count. Some days are longer days than others, but worth every moment. We will be honest with the amount of game harvested, and your success rates. In these parts of Idaho, you can expect a lot of timber, and some open land. Some steep, but there are alot of roads in 8A and 10A, where we usually can get within a closer range.


After you harvest your animal, we go back to camp, write needed information down, and you can drive down to the nearest check in station. If you don't have a taxidermist at home that you use, we have excellent recommendations for you.


If you have ever been on a guided hunt by Joey, you know he tries his absolute hardest to get you a critter to harvest.


We try our hardest to make your hunt a memorable one!



From Winter 2021 to Winter 2022 you can expect to stay at Reggears Outfit near Dworshak Dam, while we are in the process of building our Lodge.


Staying at Reggears you will be in cabins, with a cook building nearby where your meals will take place. Cabins have heat and showers.



There are lots of options for bringing the right gun for your hunt, here a few;


Bear/Cougar  45-70, 243, 30-30, 30-06

Bobcat  .22 long rifle, .22 hornet, 22. magnum (smaller so you don't mess up the pelt.)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!