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We are a small family operating a big game hunting outfit in Idaho. Joey and Rosa have been in this industry for several years, and were both raised in the outdoors. Joey has grown up hunting and has guided for the biggest hunting outfit in Idaho, nearly year round for over five years, putting many predators on the ground, and harvesting big game. He has poured his life into his dogs, training them from young pups. His love for the woods, and the thrill of seeing peoples happiness when their tag is filled, makes it all worth it! We started this business shortly after having our son, Gunther. We knew this was the lifestyle we wanted for our family, and wanted to be outdoors as much as possible.


"The hunt was tough due to the cat's location but that made my experience that much better. I harvested a mature Tom. My guide Joey was phenomenal and positive the whole time. What else can be said. The people and the food are great along with a successful hunt. Can't ask for much better!

- Vince


"Joey would step between you and a bear if he had to and I watched him do it. Joey is the best houndsman I have ever seen. The only bad thing I have to say about this experience is they put 3 great bears in front of us in 1 day and our hunt was over just like that! Thanks for the great experience. Oh and by the way Rosa is a phenomenal cook! I'm glad I didn't eat as much as my stomach told me to or I wouldn't have been able to move!


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